Motto: “Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in a Changing World”

Topics of the symposium combine traditional topics with new challenges of Loss Prevention area.

  New challenges
Global aspects, methodology
Industry 4.0

Safe energy

New material hazards

Traditional topics
1. Risk assessment 1.A 1.B 1.C 1.D 1.E
2. Security & Safety 2.A 2.B 2.C 2.D 2.E
3. Lessons learnt / Case studies 3.A 3.B 3.C 3.D 3.E
4. Human & organizational factors 4.A 4.B 4.C 4.D 4.E
5. Leadership and risk communication 5.A 5.B 5.C 5.D 5.E

Examples of topics:

Section 1. Risk assessment

  • Resilience-based approaches for risk assessment, hazard identification, dependability, cost (1.A)
  • Smart factory and prevention of accidents (1.B)
  • Hydrogen or fuel cell safety, Carbon capture and CO2 storage safety, Biogas safety (1.C)
  • Nanomaterial safety, Emerging risks (1.D)
  • Safety and loss prevention in COVID19 era (1.E)

Section 2. Security & Safety

  • Threats, analysis, measures, optimization (2.A)
  • Cyber security and risk of digitalization (2.B)
  • Safety of material production for solar cells (2.C)
  • New test methods and improvements of old ones, forensic tests (2.D)
  • Consequence analysis topics, Maintenance topics (2.E)

Section 3. Lessons learnt / Case studies

  • Case study / lessons learnt of integrated aspects of loss prevention (3.A)
  • Plants of the future (3.B)
  • Case study / lessons learnt of Clean energy safety (3.C)
  • Processing of nuclear materials (3.D)
  • Accident case studies and lessons learnt from them (3.E)

Section 4. Human & organizational factors

  • New opportunities for students and young researchers in safety engineering, Process simulation (4.A)
  • Training in virtual / augmented reality, Cognition, Organizational health (4.B)
  • Training and training material (4.C)
  • Organizational systems (SMS for novel hazards), Test reproducibility (round robins) (4.D)
  • Expert judgment, Decision making (4.E)

Section 5. Leadership and risk communication

  • Risk & Safety management; Sustainability and process safety integration; Connection of chemical safety, loss prevention, occupational safety and environmental hazards (5.A)
  • New stories on Safety 4.0 (5.B)
  • Risk communication (5.C)
  • UN, GHS, IGUS organizational aspects (5.D)
  • Organizational structure (5.E)


The list of topics is available as a pdf file here.

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